Good vibes master limitations 

The story

It all started with a handstand of a sportsman setting up his own fitness equipment in the park when all gyms were suddenly closed. This moment inspired me so much that I started to capture encouraging impulses in our pandemic everyday life. In addition to all the big challenges we continue to face, it made me aware that in times of unexpected change, a great deal of good and new space also emerges to unleash our potential and creativity. Even or precisely because we are forced into it. I often heard that crisis in Chinese also means opportunity. So now the reality check.

PandImpressions show how many possibilities are available to us even under limited conditions - if we perceive and appreciate them. For me, the focus is on what is good about the new and how we can make the best of an unexpectedly changed situation. We can use this right now to maintain and increase our quality of life and work.

I wish you lots of inspiration, optimism and success in all your endeavours - get through this time well.

If you have any questions, feedback or you are interested in a coaching session to make the most of your opportunities, I'd love to hear from you.

Warm regards


As a passionate concert-goer who misses live music a lot, I want to support musicians who cannot perform at the moment.

PandImpress somebody today: Make someone happy with a postcard and contribute to the music industry. PandImpressions postcard revenues go to the German Orchestra Foundation's Emergency Fund. Let's go!

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