Good vibes master limitations 

It is impressive what is possible.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been fascinated by how much creativity, good and new things emerge under limited and changed conditions. As a music enthusiast, creative mind and optimist, I would like to bring positive impulses from this time into the world, encourage and at the same time do something good for the music scene. Send a postcard to your loved ones now and support the emergency fund of the German Orchestra Foundation. For continued enriching sound diversity and unforgettable concerts. Let's go!


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World upside down

Option when everything is upside down: Change of mindset. Sometimes it's just the right impulse at the right moment to see things from a completely new perspective. 



Serendipity. Go out and expect nothing.
Turning a gray and freezing day in wintry lockdown suddenly in a colorful spectacle. Unexpected. Different.

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True friends will stay

When, if not in challenging times, do we notice which relationships are sustainable. Some people we rarely if ever see at the moment. They are nevertheless there and will remain connected to us if it is meant to be. Trust the process. 


New cycle

Bike-boom. Sold out or endless waiting times: In many countries, bike sales cracked records in 2020. It’s going forward. On the old, new two-wheeler. Good opportunity for fresh thoughts and creative ideas. 

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Today Clown for breakfast

The Rhineland missed out on its beloved Karneval this year. And takes it with humor: koelnclowns staged alternative scenes with cardboard nose throughout the Roman city.
Sometimes the clown is the most important meal of the day. 

Picture: koelnclowns by Uta Wagner featuring Rainer Breit 

Text: PandImpressions


#optimism rules

Attraction for all optimists and those who are open to positive vibes: The rainbow at many kindergardens and schools as a creative expression of confidence. 

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Dancing always works

My dance area, your dance area. Whether in the kitchen, in the shower, or in the rain...there’s always room for dancing. These two thought so, too.



Some mindfulness coaches call Corona the "Zen Master" of our time. Intentionally or unintentionally, we focus more on ourselves and give ourselves more space and permission for what is enriching and good for us. Whether it's decluttering, going new ways, spending more time with family and friends, renovating or simply slowing down. Fear of missing out is passé for the moment - because we miss little on the outside. 

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Master of distance 

Despite all the distance kept, there is still room to play for those who want to find it. Social distancing mastered. Playfully.


After work walk

Anything closed, yet anything goes. Walking is the new going out. Popular option: with a take away beer through the meadows.

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Dinner for 2

Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.


No excuses

Imagine this pandemic had taken place 20 years ago. No whatsapp, no social media, no web conferencing... the digital world enables so much creativity, innovation and activity. From meetings to piano lessons to fitness workouts.
Where there is a will, there is a virtual way. 

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See you soon

Luckily, chances are we’ll be able to meet up, eat and drink out at our favourite spots sometime soon again. All the more to be appreciated after times of abandonment. Looking forward. 


Walking rocks

Back to nature: If you want peace and quiet, go to the city. If you want to have fun, go to the forest. Who would have thought that walking would become such a popular hobby?
Seems like fun, anyway. 

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Essentials for takeaway

On a Friday night. Light at the cocktail bar around the corner.  After two months of closure in spring 2020 the Barkeeper is delighted to serve Caipirinha again. Out of the window. With a big smile on his face. Even if eating and drinking out remains difficult, take-away options and delivery services offer us culinary highlights. Catering for a bit more quality of life under restrictions. Nonetheless: catering.



Pure sunshine in times of lockdown. When the familiar highlights of the year fall away, some rays of hope continue to present themselves to the attentive observer. Thank you, weather. 

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Make someone happy with a postcard now and contribute to musicians who are currently unable to perform. PandImpressions postcard proceeds go to the German Orchestra Foundation's Emergency Fund. Let's go!

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